Join us for an afternoon of showjumping training rounds!

Event Registration


Registration and ticket purchases can be done on the day of the event. 

*EFTPOS, Credit Card, and Cash payment facilities available

Jump Times


2 Rings will be running to maximise the number of rounds you can do on the day

*Times are subject to change according to demand for certain levels



We will be running a BBQ on the day with snacks and drinks available

*EFTPOS, Credit Card, and Cash payment facilities available

Course Designers and Judges


We are extremely lucky to have great support from our course designers and judges:

Jackson Stern and Carissa Hoich

Their support is greatly appreciated!

CONDItions of entry


Entry is conditional upon acceptance of these conditions:

1. All Riders must complete and submit a Liability Declaration

Form. A $10 Day Attendance Fee is required unless you are a

financial member (must produce proof) of PCAV, EV/EA,

HRCAV, AHSA, SHCA, AREA, an interstate Pony Club, or can

prove personal liability cover of at least $10,000,000. Riders

without adequate insurance cover will need to pay $10 for

Liability Only cover for the duration of the event and complete

the Participant Waiver Form.

2. PCAV club member cards must be inspected at the

secretary’s desk

3. Entering this competition constitutes acknowledgement that

PCAV rules apply and acceptance of these rules

4. All riders must present to GEAR CHECK

5. Medical armbands are optional

6. The organising committee reserves the right to cancel any

class or competition; divide any given class; alter times; refuse

any entry with or without stating the reason

7. All riders must wear complying helmets and footwear

8. Queries, protests, horse abuse as per the PCAV Handbook of


9. Dogs are prohibited without exception. NOT IN CARS, NOT


10. No stallions, colts or rigs

11. PCAV Alcohol Policy applies

12. Neither the organising committee of this competition nor the

PCAV accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident,

damage, injury or illness to horse, riders, ground spectators or

any other person or property.

13. Maximum of 5 rounds per horse

PCAV Insurance Policy specifically states anyone not following

PCAV Rules may be left uninsured.

14. By participating at this event you accept that photos taken on the day may be used on the Woodend Pony Club website