Come and try day information

What you need to know and do......

Come and Try Membership covers the individual rider for Personal Liability, this is insurance for damage they may cause to someone else’s person or property through their own negligence.  Come and Try Membership does not cover riders for Personal Accident, which means any injury they personally sustain, a claim for costs or payouts can’t be made through the Personal Accident policy held by Pony Club Australia. 

Riders under Come and Try don’t have Personal Accident Cover.  To understand what is offered under this policy click here   The insurance not provided for Come and Try is on the bottom of the Member Insurance (Come and Try are classified as “Open Riders) under Personal Accident.   All Insurances are detailed on this page    

Riders wanting to participate under Come and Try must:

1. Contact Kirsten Sisk on 0433 022 659

2. Register on the MyPonyClub portal 

3. Complete the Open Rider Waiver form found at *

*This Open Rider Waiver form must be completed and signed by each “Come and Try” rider and handed to Kirsten Sisk prior to participating at the Rally.